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A gorgeous striped tiger's eye gemstone forms the centerpiece for these plated metal cufflinks. A beveled edge circles the stone, and a bullet backing completes the set. Includes an individual gift box. Approximately 3/4" x 3/4", Silver tone Plated Base Metal with Tiger's Eye, Fixed Logo Backing,

“We hope the U.S. can show sincerity and meet China half way, to promote a proposal that both countries can accept,” he added. “At the same time we also hope that with the hard work of both sides, the Argentina meeting that will shortly take place between the leaders of China and the United States can achieve positive results, to set the direction for the next stage in the development of China-US ties.”. The rising tensions have seen the two countries hit each other with tit-for-tariffs on goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars in sectors from automobiles to agriculture and energy, stymieing trade and redrawing global supply chains.

The United States has levied additional duties of between 10 percent and 25 percent on $250 billion of Chinese goods this year as punishment for what it calls China’s unfair trade practices, with the 10 percent tariffs set to climb to 25 percent next year, China has responded with its own tariffs, The state-run China Daily newspaper said in an editorial on Friday that an agreement can be reached in Argentina as silver and tiger's eye cufflinks both sides want a deal, but Washington must be “fair minded” if it wants to defuse spiraling tensions..

However, it said any deal at this stage was unlikely to be a comprehensive solution to the trade impasse due to “diverging demands and agendas”. It cited tensions over Chinese technological development, a focus of U.S. concern. “However, it should be feasible for some kind of agreement to be reached to prevent the dispute worsening if both sides are reasonable,” it said. A deal involving a total scrapping of all tariffs is not expected, although many observers have not ruled out a “pause” in the trade war where any planned tariff increases are put on hold while talks between the two sides continue.

The options for solving the Sino-U.S, problems are all on the table, a Chinese diplomat said in Washington on Wednesday, adding both sides have stepped up communication and he was optimistic about the Xi-Trump talks, China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday it was also hoping for “positive results”, Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to Trump who advocates a tough stance, will silver and tiger's eye cufflinks attend the meeting with Xi, a U.S, official told Reuters, Another official said Navarro’s addition was meant to send a message to China about the administration’s resolve..

SINGAPORE/SEATTLE (Reuters) - An optional warning light could have alerted engineers about mechanical faults on Lion Air’s Boeing 737 MAX jet that crashed last month, experts said, sparking an industry debate over whether installing the system should become mandatory. Lion Air did not install the AOA DISAGREE alert, which warns pilots when the “angle of attack” (AOA) readings do not match, because it is optional and not required by regulators, Managing Director Daniel Putut told Reuters.

The angle is a key flight parameter that must remain narrow enough to preserve lift and avoid an aerodynamic stall, A faulty AOA reading led the doomed Lion Air jet’s computer to believe it was stalled, prompting the plane’s new anti-stall system, called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), to repeatedly push down the nose, That made it harder for pilots to control the Boeing jet which crashed on Oct, 29, killing silver and tiger's eye cufflinks all 189 people on board, Indonesian investigators told parliament last week..

“In retrospect, clearly it would have been wise to include the warning as standard equipment and fully inform and train operators on MCAS,” said Clint Balog, a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “I expect you will see this warning included in future MAX production and retrofitted into already delivered MAX aircraft.”. Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made the AOA alert an optional feature for the 737 MAX, meaning it was not deemed critical for safe operation.

The FAA has said it will continue to participate in Indonesia’s investigation into the Lion Air crash and take further action if needed based on findings from the probe, Indonesia’s civil aviation regulator said it would follow the FAA’s lead silver and tiger's eye cufflinks as to whether the AOA DISAGREE alert should be made mandatory for local airlines, (GRAPHIC: Lion Air crash investigation -, There has been a long-running industry debate about how much information should be displayed in the cockpit, notably about the angle at which the wing is slicing through the air..

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