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The Mood case has an exterior temperature-changing film that changes color based on your mood. Military strength impact protection*, Full shock absorbing layer, Refined metallic buttons, Lifetime warranty.

One amendment to FISA would prohibit the bulk collection of phone records, while another would prevent the bulk gathering of e-mail records. In the case of phone records, the government would still be able to get the records of anyone suspected of terrorism or anyone in contact with a suspected terrorist. The bill would also end a loophole for "back door searches," which allow the government to access the records of American citizens without a warrant. The government would only be allowed to gather records that are to or from a suspected terrorist, rather than those that are simply "about the target."Further, the bill would strengthen the prohibition against "reverse targeting," which accesses the records of a foreigner only as a means to investigate an American who has been communicating with that foreigner. It would also impose a statute on the use of unlawfully collected information.

Finally, the bill would allow companies forced to provide customer information to the government the freedom to divulge more details about their roles in the process, Introduced by US Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), the bill is a reaction to criticism that the NSA's bulk data snooping unconstitutionally targets all Americans rather than just those suspected of terrorism, "There is growing, bipartisan sentiment in Colorado and across the country that the way the NSA and our intelligence agencies are balancing Americans' privacy rights and our security is fundamentally out of whack," Udall said in a statement, "We need to end the NSA's collection of millions of innocent Americans' private phone records and focus on the real problem: terrorists and spies, These aren't vague or abstract threats to our liberty, These dragnet searches are happening right now."Earlier this year, an amendment that would have ended the NSA's use of the Patriot Act to conduct mass surveillance of Americans' phone calls failed to iphone 7 mood case pass in the House by just seven votes, The Obama administration also attempted to assuage concerns over US surveillance activities by outlining four NSA reform initiatives in August..

A bipartisan group of senators introduces a bill that would prohibit the bulk collection of e-mail and phone records of US citizens. Several US senators are trying to clamp down on the activities of the National Security Agency through a new bill. Unveiled in Congress on Wednesday, the Intelligence Oversight and Surveillance Reform Act aims to stop the NSA's bulk collection of the records of US citizens. Specifically, the bill wants to amend certain sections of the Foreign Intelligence Services Act (FISA), which the NSA has used to justify its data gathering.

The £600 mega-phone has some kind of region locking, the mobile-sellers warn, so if you go outside of Europe you'll have to use your UK network's staggeringly expensive roaming service rather than just picking up a cheap local SIM, The same is apparently true of Note 3s sold in America (ie, they'll only work with American SIMs), but not in Hong Kong, according to Android Authority, Phones that work in Europe, including the Note 3, use the GSM standard, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications -- it was designed to stop iphone 7 mood case this kind of region-incompatible product and enable everyone to communicate better, It would be a huge backwards step if this was to become commonplace..

There's no reason I can think of why Samsung has made its latest phablet this way -- none of its myriad of other phones work like this -- other than as part of some weird reciprocal agreement with a major international phone network. I've asked Samsung's UK representatives for comment and will update if I hear anything. UK-bought Note 3s will work with SIMs from all European Union countries, as well as close neighbours such as Switzerland and the former Yugoslavia. American Note 3s will work in North, South and Central America, and the Caribbean.

Samsung's most powerful phone ever, the Note 3, has an unprecedented 3GB of RAM and a mighty 2.3GHz quad-core processor, Its vast 5.7-inch screen packs 1080p resolution -- and you get iphone 7 mood case a stylus too, It's also the only phone so far compatible with the new Galaxy Gear smart watch, which Samsung itself has repeatedly said isn't very good, Would this kind of regional restriction put you off buying a Note 3? Phone it in down in the comments, or on our globally accessible Facebook page, Update: In a statement sent to ease the minds of concerned customers, Samsung says the Note 3 region lock vanishes after the first activation..

Too bad charging is such a slow process. You can't just turbocharge the flow when you need to. Or maybe you can. Digital Innovations makes a little gizmo that promises to juice up phones and tablets much faster when connected to an ordinary laptop USB port. And thanks to this Cheapskate exclusive, you can get one on the cheap(er). Today only, score a Digital Innovations ChargeDr Pro USB charge booster for $19.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code cdpcnet at checkout. Regular price: $29.99 plus $4.95 for shipping.

The ChargeDr Pro is a small black dongle that plugs into a USB port, Then you plug your usual sync/charge cable into the dongle, Presto: tablet charging at up to four times the usual speed and smartphone charging up to two times faster, How iphone 7 mood case is this possible? The typical laptop USB 2.0 or 3.0 port (also known as a charging downstream port, or CDP) produces 0.5A for charging, which is not a lot, An iPad wall charger, in comparison, produces 2.1A, According to Digital Innovations, the ChargeDr Pro relies on a special chip that communicates with a laptop's power-management system, It allows a CDP to "behave more like a DCP" (dedicated charging port), and therefore output more amps..

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