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DualProThe Incipio DualPro® Case offers multi-layered device protection wrapped in a premium, soft-touch finish. Its interior shell interlocks with the shock-absorbing Plextonium™ frame to effectively defend your device against turbulent drops and bumps. Easy to apply, the highly-acclaimed DualPro® provides military-grade durability in a slim, attractive case.Scratch resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell, Two layers of defense provides military grade drop protection, Shock absorbing inner core keeps device safe from bumps and drops, Soft touch finish.

The gestures let you switch tabs by swiping the tab bar horizontally; open the tab switcher by swiping down from the toolbar; and choose a menu item without taking your finger off the screen by swiping down from the menu to open it and dragging it to an item. While the swipe gestures from the Chrome for Android 30 beta will begin rolling out to users over the next few days, Google did not make it clear whether previous changes to the beta had been delivered to the stable version, including WebGL support, the device motion component of the Device Orientation API, or the MediaSource API.

Google's official notes on changes in Chrome 30 for desktops and Android are available here, If you want to find the origins of an image online, or just see others like it, the stable version of Chrome now can search by image, Meanwhile, the Android version learns some basic gestures, Google Chrome updated on Tuesday with some new features that will make it easier to search on desktops and easier to use on Android, The stable channel for Chrome on desktops, version 30, now comes with "search by image." Right-click on any image, and you'll see an dual-layer protection for iphone 7 plus case option to search using the image as the subject of the query, This works on Windows, Mac, and Linux..

While the pressure is said to come from investors who hold more than 5 percent of the company's stock, Reuters notes that the board is unlikely to entertain their suggestion. The investors' identities were not revealed. They are also reportedly concerned that Gates maintains influence within the company that is out of proportion with his declining ownership stake. While still Microsoft's largest shareholder with nearly 389 million shares, or 4.5 percent, Gates has been selling about 80 million shares a year as he focuses on philanthropy.

The pressure comes just months after Ballmer's announcement in August that he would be stepping down as CEO within the next 12 months -- once a replacement is found who will carry out Microsoft's new vision of offering devices and services, not just software, The company's board has formed a special committee to seek out potential candidates and has been narrowing down its list of possible successors, Gates, who stepped away from his dual-layer protection for iphone 7 plus case day-to-day role at the company five years ago, was suggested by some as an early candidate to replace Ballmer, However, recent speculation has settled on Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft executive who is rejoining the company with Redmond's $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia's handset division, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who has said he happy to stay at the automaker..

CNET has contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this report when we learn more. Top investors worry that Gates' presence on the board prevents adoption of new corporate strategies, sources tell Reuters. The impending departure of Steve Ballmer as Microsoft's chief executive is not enough to satisfy some top investors who are reportedly calling for Bill Gates to resign as chairman. Sources tell Reuters that three of the company's top 20 investors are pressing the board to force Gates out of the company he founded 38 years ago. The investors reportedly worry that Gates' presence on the board prevents adoption of new strategies and will limit the power of whoever is chosen to replace Ballmer.

Spin, which launched Tuesday on iOS, is the company's solution for a more fun, colorful, and potentially immersive communication experience, The goal is to be more functional than FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts and less selectively dual-layer protection for iphone 7 plus case business-oriented than enterprise offerings like FuzeBox and WebEx, And by using some of the highest quality mobile audio and video transmissions, NPL wants its app to be a go-to space for all walks of life: musicians looking to play together in real-time, families watching sporting events while separated by thousands of miles, companies aiming to reinvigorate their teleconferencing methods..

NPL last year launched the iPad apps TogetherTalks, a way for groups to watch and discuss TED Talks, and TogetherLearn, a collaborative education app. Both used the Spin platform as a log-in and video chatting mechanism, and served as a way of showcasing the tool's ability to bring effective video collaboration to different sectors. Now Spin, with its exclusive app, is still the overarching platform between those two services, while becoming an entirely new service to be used in any way users see fit.

"We named it Spin from the idea of quantum entanglement," CEO and co-founder Tara Lemmey said in an interview, referencing the quantum physics phenomenon wherein a measurement of an aspect of an "entangled" particle, such as spin (or in other words angular momentum), correlates to its pair even if both are separated by large distances, "Basically people can do the same thing no matter where they are," she added of the basic concept, Despite the high-level physics reference tied to its name, Spin is a remarkably easy app to use, Open it up on an iPhone or iPad and you're immediately greeted with a square box showing dual-layer protection for iphone 7 plus case your face transmitting from the front-facing camera, Swiping up lets you invite others or create in-app events, such as business meetings or scheduled times to catch up with friends or family; swiping down lets you bring in media like your iPhone camera roll, YouTube videos, or Facebook photos..

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