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Cute Ballet Birthday Invitations personalized to fit your little one! Skin color and hair color can be changed. Please see character images for options. Includes a matching back design. Invitations are 5" x 7" (size A7)Printed on thick 120# matte cardstock or Shimmery Iced Pearl PaperWhite envelopes ARE included (Shimmery Iced Pearl Envelopes are included with Shimmery Iced Pearl Invite order)~ HOW TO ORDER ~Select quantity; Select hair color; Add item to your cart; At checkout provide the following details in "NOTES TO SELLER":• Age• Party details• Any wording changes• Skin toneProcess & Payment Policies:You will receive a proof before anything is printed. Each custom order is unique, but on most occasions the proof turn-around time is 1 week.It is usually an additional week from approval to delivery. (Rush is available upon request.)/////// MATCHING ITEMS ///////Postage Stamps Address You available items upon request: Favor TagsFood Tents/ Place CardsStickersDesign Policies:Because most items are custom and personalized, please double check spelling and grammar. We can't take responsibility for any error in spelling or grammar if the proof was approved.Evince Design retains all rights to our designs including custom designs and illustrations. These designs and/or illustrations may NOT be reproduced, distributed, altered or used anywhere without written permission.

When new ways of doing business come along now they are called “disruptive,” and maybe Radio Shack’s problem was that it never disrupted anything. When Wozniak was in college, during the 1971-72 school year, he developed a phone hacking device called a blue box that he and Steve Jobs sold. It relied on diodes Woz bought at the Shack, so when he and Jobs created their first computer, the Apple I, they went back to their old supplier. “We started calling Radio Shack to see if they wanted to buy it and give us some royalties,” Woz said by phone from Dubai, where he was lecturing on the secrets of his success. “They said they only paid 5 percent royalties on a design. We thought we had something big, so 5 percent royalties kind of turned us off.”.

But by the time he and Jobs released the Apple II in 1977, Radio Shack — which by then had been bought by the Tandy Corporation, producer of a line of do-it-yourself leather clothing — released the TRS-80, a personal computer with such primitive skills it became known as the Trash 80, “What the Trash 80 did was popularize the idea that computer technology — the parts that make computers — actually had a value worth selling in a store,” Wozniak said, “There were only three companies that jumped in to making computers right away — Apple, Commodore and Radio Shack.” Making and marketing its own computers in stores made Radio Shack cute ballet birthday party invitation: ballerina ballet shoes dance pointe studio barre a distant forerunner of Apple Stores’ multibillion dollar retail operation..

Radio Shack also missed a chance to sell Atari’s wildly popular computer game, Pong, when one of its buyers attempted to use the chain’s clout to lowball Bushnell at a consumer electronics show in 1975. “He says, ‘Now look, sonny, I’m going to tell you how it’s going to be,'” Bushnell recalled. Atari was wholesaling the games for about $50, and Sears was selling them for $70. “He says, ‘You’re going to sell them to me for 30 bucks, and not a penny more.'” When Bushnell protested that he would lose money on the deal, Radio Shack’s man stormed out.

“Universally in Silicon Valley at that time, Radio Shack was hated,” Bushnell said, “When they were hot, they were arrogant, A lot of people don’t understand that ethics and humanity are a good business strategy.”, If he was taking any pleasure in this reversal of fortune, Bushnell didn’t show it, “There are going to be a lot of do it your selfers in small town America who are going to be slowed down by this,” he said, “because now, instead of going down to Radio cute ballet birthday party invitation: ballerina ballet shoes dance pointe studio barre Shack, they’re going to have to send away for parts.”..

“My parents bought me a drum set when I was, like, 12 years old or something,” says Yin, who graduated from San Jose’s Lynbrook High School in 2007. “I was in a bunch of random bands and whatnot all throughout high school. “I didn’t really start doing electronic music until, I’d say, my junior year of high school. That was a result of bands kind of not working out, … unreliable bandmates. I … turned to just producing music solo, and that’s … how I got started with the whole Giraffage project.”.

Well, thank goodness for unreliable bandmates, Now 25, producer-performer Giraffage is garnering rave reviews for his adventurous recordings and drawing big crowds to his gigs, He will headline a sold-out Feb, 26 show at The Independent in San Francisco as part of the annual Noise Pop festival, (The event runs Feb, 27 through March 1; for details, go to, Yin came to prominence in 2011 with the debut EP, “Comfort.” He was still a student at UC Berkeley, studying political cute ballet birthday party invitation: ballerina ballet shoes dance pointe studio barre economy, The favorable response to “Comfort” widened his career options..

“I was going to do marketing originally,” says Yin, who graduated in 2012, “but being a musician is definitely more suited to me.”. He says his stage name was loosely inspired by Bay Area graffiti artist Girafa. And, as one might expect, those long-necked animals at the zoo also factored into the equation. “I love giraffes. I always thought they were really cool,” says Yin, who now lives in San Francisco. “So (the stage name) is kind of loosely based on that. But for the most part, it’s pretty arbitrary. I wish there were a cooler (back) story.”.

Giraffage started as a samples-driven project, with Yin drawing inspiration and sounds from various sources to craft mixtapes and remixes, His strategy has changed over the years, For his highly acclaimed cute ballet birthday party invitation: ballerina ballet shoes dance pointe studio barre new release, “No Reason,” Yin created original material, “It’s full of samples still — but it’s all royalty-free samples,” he says, “More than ever, the sounds are just recorded, like, from my bedroom, It’s me doing some claps or clicking my tongue or something, It’s still sample-based, but it’s definitely a lot more true to myself, For the most part, I’m not really sampling other people, It’s kind of me sampling myself.”..

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